Professor, Sir: A Collection

A collection of Aya and Devin stories

Aya Loveman: nineteen, innocent, and determined to do whatever it takes to keep herself employed and off the street.

Devin Driscoll: a professor with tenure looking for an assistant. He wasn’t looking for Aya but finds her willingness to go above and beyond deliciously appealing.

But how long will such a perfect situation last? Nothing lasts forever, especially erotic relationships based on sex. Or do they?

Enjoy this collection of five previously published stories about Aya and Devin, bundled together to make it easy to catch up on an older series! You’ll love how this employer-employee relationship crosses the line in the best way!

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Professor, Sir: Termination

An Aya and Devin Story

It looks like Aya Loveman’s luck is about to run out. Her skimpy uniform has attracted the wrong kind of attention in her workplace, and the jig is officially up.

Professor Devin Driscoll is close to losing his patience. He has a stellar employee, and he doesn’t want an entitled college student ruining things for him. But he appears very close to going too far, and his career might be on the line.

If Aya loses her job, she loses everything. There are certain things in her life she just isn’t prepared for right now. So is this the end of her employment for, and relationship with, Professor Driscoll? Or will they have one last time together before they need to part ways?

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Professor, Sir: Late for Work

An Aya and Devin Story

Aya Loveman’s luck seems to be changing – in the past week she landed a new job (by the skin of her teeth) and a place to stay until she can afford an apartment. In fact, she’s living with her employer, Professor Driscoll, and is at his mercy.

Devin Driscoll is pleasantly surprised by the nineteen-year-old Aya. Her tenacity and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed, in his bed and out of it, is impressive. Today is their second day of work together, but before they can get to the office, there’s a stop they need to make.

Aya needs more than one ill-fitting uniform skirt. Shopping with the Professor is an exciting experience she wasn’t ready for. She’s willing to do whatever he asks. But will her good luck hold out when they start to get a little noisy in the changing rooms?

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Spending the Day

A woman in her underwear and long dark hair unbuckles the belt of a shirtless man, a taupe bar at the top with the words "Spending the Day", and a taupe bar at the bottom with the words "by C. Solet"
A Marisa & Buchanan Story

Marisa Kellow had no idea her friend was that hot in bed. Well, almost a bed. Her ex-boyfriend took hers, and sex on Buchanan’s air mattress isn’t going to cut it for long.

But Buchanan has better ideas than shopping for furniture, like testing the furniture.

And pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior in public.

Buchanan is in control, and Marisa loves it. But will she enjoy it when he introduces her to a sexual kink she never considered while they’re spending the day together?

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