I have a mailing list. It goes out once weekly and announces new stories for sale.

Now yes, you could scour Amazon and Smashwords for new C. Solet stories. And you could come here and check the sidebar to see if any titles look new.

Seriously, though – why, when they can be sent directly to your inbox?

I will on occasion have more than just news and announcements. I like to write, and the opportunity to touch my readers on a more personal note is exciting. There may be a story or two that I feel really should be exclusive to my devoted subscribers. Coupons, too. I love coupons. I always forget to use them in the store, but online? It’s so easy to just pop open that latest email and find that coupon code that brings the price down!

Well, enough pressure. I hope you join! I’m learning as I go, so please forgive the occasional rough start. I’ll get things polished quickly because there isn’t any other choice!

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