Professor, Sir: Employment Opportunities

Professor, Sir: Employment Opportunities - An Aya and Devin Story
An Aya and Devin Story

Aya was desperate to land a job. At nineteen and on her own for the first time, she might have stretched the truth a bit to get her first interview. It is too bad she is hopeless with directions, and can’t find the office she is supposed to report to!

Devin finds the shapely and inexperienced Aya wandering around the college campus trying to find an address that doesn’t exist anymore. He is attracted to her the moment he sees her, and her somewhat helpless demeanor is just stoking the flames of his desire.

Aya is ready to do whatever it takes to get the job that Devin is hiring for, no matter what he asks of her. Moreover, he is willing to push her further than might be wise to get what he wants. Hopefully, he will produce a satisfactory opportunity for them both.

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